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My interest in physical culture began in the high school weight room. After seeing the movie, “Pumping Iron” and discovering the subculture of bodybuilding, I was hooked. I wasn’t the athletic type growing up; but I had the drive, intensity, and mental focus to stay on track.

I made dramatic physical progress after less than one year of training. I loved the lifestyle so much that I studied Kinesiology at San Diego State University. I currently manage a work-site fitness center and coordinate wellness programs for employees. I also do personal training and teach classes, both group exercise and health seminars.

3 responses to “About Me

  1. Dear Jason,

    Thank you for all the free information you provide. It helped me me a lot.
    I am hoping to compete in a bodybuilding show here in Munich, Germany(lightweight class) in march of next year.
    I have a few questions I would like your expertise on:

    1.) Do you think overshooting the daily 70- 120 grams of protein (Brad Pilons recommendation) figure is beneficial in terms of increased satiety (Important: I do not think that this or excess cals will make a difference, I only ask for you personal experience with this).

    2.) I hear you on the “huge appetite” you wrote about. I have one too. How many meals have you been experimenting with. For me 3 to 4 seem to be best, including random veggie chewing in between.

    3.) Right now I am “defined”by your bodyfat categories, walking around at 75 to 78 kg (depending on water-weight, fed vs. fasted etc…) and like you, I am 6 foot tall. Should I start now to gradually lose fat very slowly and give myself half a year to prepare for the show or keep eating at maintenance, and save it for a shorter timeframe (3 to 4 months).

    4.) What kind of relative strength standards would you deem necessary to insure that I can hold my own against potential drugusers (assuming that leanness is on point). Right now (after 2 years of working out with weights), I can do dips with 40 kg dangling around my waist, Chinups/Pullups with 28 kg added, Bench press 1.3 my bodyweight for 5 reps, overhead preass 3/4 of my bodyweight for 6 reps, deadlift 2 times my bodyweigt for 5 reps, and squat 1.6 times my bodyweight for 12 reps.
    I am still a wuss compared to “the big guys”(mainly the roided up powerlifters who sometimes point and laugh and tell me to “fucking eat!!!!!!) in the gym,though.

    5.) What do you mean by “work those muscles hard and often!!”?
    Though I have seen good gains working out four times a week on an Upper Lower split, progression(more weight or reps) seems to be more linear for me, when I workout 2 times per week fullbody or 3 times per week upper lower. What has your experience been on this?

    6.) How much cardio do you think is beneficial ASSUMING YOUR DIET IS DIALED IN TO THE MAX (otherwise it´s pointless)?
    I do 25 to 30 min after weights and 60 min on offdays, with one or two days completely off.
    I, being a university student and poor, need to walk everywhere on top of that.
    Aside from being tired at times it hasn´t affected me too much due to my competitive swimmer´s background (back in the day 2 to 3hour intense workouts were common lol).

    7.) I am closing in on Barbans Adonis Ratio (1.56 currently), yet have only listened to the podcasts and haven´t purchased the program. What are the specifics of the program (I am guessing lots of shoulder and trap specialization along with some biceps/triceps and upper chest thrown in for good measure). How would you incorporate it into the aforementioned splits??? How do you train currently? What books have influenced your training (for me it´s definitely Beyond Brawn by Stuart Mcrobert)??

    8.) How have you learned to manipulate water prior to the show??

    I would love to see you posting on the above topics or answer me vial e-mail.

    Your blog is a breath of fresh air among the quackery and charlatans hogging the internet in the name of so-called health/fitness.

    Keep doing what you do!!!!!!

    Kind regards

    Marcelo Diez

  2. Jason,
    I am thrilled to have found your blog. The information and outlook you provide is exceptionally helpful! Like many others, I am constantly researching health & fitness and how to improve my appearance and training routine. I just had my second child and I am focused on losing the last few pounds of baby weight. You have inspired me to not only get back into shape, but also achieve that desired lean & athletic look. I have taken my beginning measurements and “before” picture. This website is bookmarked and I will visit frequently. Thank you for the motivation and please, keep doing what you’re doing!

  3. Kelly,
    Thank you for your kind words–it means a lot to me to be an inspiration.
    Yes, there is a world of excellence to experience when you take the proper steps. Enjoy the journey and best wishes to your family.


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