5 Huge Benefits of Eating Healthy

We all know we’re “supposed to” eat healthier if we want more vitality and a better body; but once your favorite hedonistic foods are put in front of you, it’s easy to forget what motivated you in the first place. Here are some major benefits you can be sure to experience with good nutrition:

1. Easier Weight Control

You know I’m a big believer in the fact that calories control weight, but it’s much easier to control calories when you’re eating nutritious foods. By getting the nutrients and bulk you need from whole foods, you’ll be satisfied a lot sooner and at a much lower calorie amount compared to high-fat, processed foods.

2. More Energy

When you give your digestive system a rest from the burden of processing complicated food mixtures, you’ll be surprised how much energy you free up. You may find you need less sleep and have an increased inclination to exercise–you may even enjoy it more. Things that used to cause stress will seem less significant, you’ll be happier and skip to a different beat.

3. Saves Money

I don’t care what people say about “eating healthier costs more”.  In my experience, it’s much cheaper (and simpler) to live on whole, unprocessed foods. Plus, you’re getting more nutrition for your calories, so you won’t need to spend a bunch of money on supplements.

4. Mental Clarity

When your bloodstream isn’t clogged with refined sugar, salt, and trans fats, you’ll think a lot clearer and you may experience a major boost in creativity. You might also start to see your work as a labor of love instead of something you dread doing.

5. Setting an Example

Living a healthy lifestyle makes you a model, not necessarily a magazine model (although that could be your goal), but a role model to those who think it’s too difficult or not worthwhile to live this way. There is a level of well-being that many people are missing out on, and by being a living example (rather than simply talking about it), you’ll become humbled and proud of your own accomplishments and inspire others along the way. This is doubly important if you’re a parent.

Happy Living


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