The Athletic Body

When you consider the shape of an athlete, what do you see? Keep in mind there are a variety of athletic body types as there are different sports. Even within a sport as diverse as football, there are clearly a wide range of body types suited to their positions on the field. Outside of football, the spectrum goes all the way from the stringy build of a distance runner to the hefty build of a sumo wrestler.

You do not need to be an athlete to build an athletic body type. The universal signs of an athletic body are: broad shoulders, comparatively slim/narrow waist (not necessarily a six-pack), strong arms, sturdy legs, and good proportions. In short, well-muscled or at least slightly above average for your genetic body type, and reasonably lean (again, not necessarily ripped).

An athletic body screams sex appeal (men and women), and by building correct proportions and staying lean, you may be mistaken for an athlete even if you are not.

The process of getting there is a story unto itself. But the important thing is to start the journey. Use resistance training as a productive tool and learn all you can about nutrition to feed your body for optimal health while avoiding excess. You won’t be a freak (unless you’re supplementing hormones) but you will turn heads in a more self-fulfilling way.


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