Gold’s Gym – Venice, CA: The Mecca of Bodybuilding

Gold’s Gym in Venice, California is considered “The Mecca of Bodybuilding”, and for good reason. I used to be a member here and still consider it the best gym in Southern California. There are many fitness centers throughout Los Angeles, but very few give you the hardcore experience of Gold’s Venice.

The Gym

The first thing you’ll notice about Gold’s Venice is its massive size. The gym is essentially a huge warehouse building, located just minutes from the beach. There are three big rooms and an outdoor area, featuring the best exercise equipment, old and new. The place is well ventilated with large doors, so you’re getting natural light and fresh air.

The Atmosphere

An obvious reason to come out to Venice Gold’s is the energy. Despite being a gym known for bodybuilding, it’s a very social and welcoming environment. The clientele is as diverse as the gym itself. You’ll see professional bodybuilders, actors, musicians, WWE wrestlers, models, and many more, all who train very hard. The general gym etiquette is very good; but at the same time, you can make all the noise you want. For the purist gym rat, nothing beats the sound of weights clanging.

The Experience

If you’re out in California, I definitely recommend training at The Mecca. Google has apparently bought the land so I plan to visit as often as possible. It will be hard to find a comparable location, but I hope it stays in Venice.


One response to “Gold’s Gym – Venice, CA: The Mecca of Bodybuilding

  1. Mecca indeed
    But you’d miss the good ol’ days

    Pilipino ka, brod?

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