Too Busy to Eat? No Problem!

Can you remember a time when you were so engaged with something that you either forgot or didn’t have the opportunity to eat a meal? Lately, I’ve been so busy with work that this has been the case. I’d rather wait for a nutritious meal than get a candy bar from the vending machine. But what happens? You don’t die. That’s because when you get hungry, but don’t eat, your body does something miraculous. It switches to burning stored calories for fuel*.

These stored calories may be carbohydrates in the form of glycogen, but primarily your body shifts to burning fat. That’s what fat is for – think of it as a fuel bank – you make deposits during times of plenty, and you make automatic withdrawals as needed. Your body runs uninterrupted. It’s a beautiful process.

But Jason, I don’t want to lose weight

It’s not a long-term process. Besides, anyone even at their “ideal” weight may notice that their pants fit looser, they feel more svelte, or look slightly better in the mirror, when they’ve gone without food for a while. And you will enjoy your next meal that much more.

Another advantage is that your muscles work better with an empty stomach. And your digestive system works best when you’re happy and relaxed. This is why you may sense a loss of appetite in the presence bad news, bad company, or illness. Wait until your natural hunger returns and you have the opportunity to savor and digest an appropriate meal. Use busy times as an opportunity to lose fat!

*Diabetics may need to take extra precautions to maintain blood sugar levels. And there are very rare cases of persons who physiologically cannot store fat (not the luxury you may think it is).


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