Conditioning is King

This applies mostly to males but it may also apply to females.

When I say conditioning, I’m not referring to sports performance, but rather the visual qualities of the physique. Specifically, conditioning means your level of leanness and muscle detail.

In the physique world, there are three components to body shape: muscle mass, proportions, and conditioning (detail).

I’ve been involved in fitness for over a decade and attended many physique shows, and I can tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt that conditioning is king.

Sure, you need all qualities to create a striking visual impact, but between size and conditioning, conditioning rules the day.

Below is a picture of Bruce Lee and Bolo Yeung from Enter the Dragon.

Both men had impressive looking physiques and were superior athletes, but I guarantee you that the average person would say Bruce Lee’s physique is more impressive.

This happens any time I cut body fat: as soon as muscular definition becomes evident, strangers start asking me for training advice. It doesn’t matter that I was the same person all along; it’s just that now the muscles are more visible.

In fact, the reason I think muscular definition has a bigger visual impact than muscle size without the detail is the illusion that it creates. Think of it this way: would a Ferrari look very impressive with the cover on?

You can test this for yourself–get as lean as possible without worrying about muscle size. I have no doubt that you will impress yourself, and others, more than when you started.


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