Keeping It Real

I’ve been around the world of bodybuilding/fitness for so long that I no longer want to be involved in the “sport”, at least in the hardcore sense.

The use of hormones is par for the course and it’s not an option for me. Testosterone alone is so potent that a person using it without training would gain muscle mass faster and to a greater degree than the most dedicated and consistent trainee on the best program without steroids.

This is not a judgment against the current state of physical culture. I still enjoy the spectator sport and I gain a lot of inspiration from it; it just comes with the territory–along with breast implants (female), artificial tanning, diuretics, and anything else to get a leg up.

The illegal aspect of bodybuilding drugs is only one aspect of their use. I think other legal practices are far more harmful (second-hand smoke, alcoholism) but that’s another discussion.

In fact, chemical enhancement is so commonplace in these circles that a truly natural bodybuilder wouldn’t look right on stage or in a magazine next to the hardcore bodies. I’m genetically slender as it is, but I believe that most lean, muscular bodies would tend towards wiry if it weren’t for the discovery of steroids.

To determine your true natural potential, use the following equation:

Height in centimeters – 100 = Maximum kg of lean body mass

Additionally, most supplements are a joke. I don’t think they’re completely useless, as they can certainly aid your training and nutrition; but what they’re marketed for and the fact that they’re advertised using models who are on black market drugs is beyond misleading.

Just to retract my seeming negativity; I still love modern physical culture. I’m only calling it like it is.


3 responses to “Keeping It Real

  1. benchingthebar

    I don’t even weigh (my height – 100) kg’s yet! lol

  2. Neither do I–and I’ve been training for 15 years!
    Those are just the genetic cards that were dealt–I doubt I’d gain 25 more pounds of lean mass without drugs. That’s in contest shape, too.

  3. It is indeed weird once you get to that point.
    For me(after now 5 years of consistent training), I´ve found that at a height of 183 cm anything above 75-78 kg depending on how hydrated I am is indeed just fat.From there I need to diet all the way down to 70 kg or less to be ripped.
    The difference between genetics determine the accuracy of Martin Berkhan´s formula I think. I think people with a thinner build such as me and Jason should allow for an upwards float of 5 to 10 percent (105 to 110 subtraction).
    It is funny how quickly reality hits you on the head once you get away from the supplement/bodybuilding culture. I mean it is JUST OBVIOUS that i will not be able gain pounds out of nowhere except for steroid use.
    This wasn´t so clear to me a few years ago. Back in the day I used to wonder about this mythical time in the future “being” 200 pounds/whatever without actually defining what this should mean (It´s funny cause I had a picture/proportion in my head…I swear it is exactly like you/Barban etc…say).
    I was also in the “get strong” mode very much, which I do not regret as it ensured muscle gain, but there has to be a limit at some time and now,having hit a decent muscular base, I am not as obsessed about it.
    Nowadays, I can go into the gym, do my work and get out/diet the rest of the time. Results are still the same but the mental preoccupation with it fades.
    Jason, a good topic would be your take on the whole “dedication vs. obsession” issue. I think it is just a result of being infested with wrong ideals early on, and that growing larger until you realise it is pointless and shake it off.
    Thank you for maintaining this excellent blog. I look forward to more posts!
    Kind regards
    Marcelo Diez

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