NPC Muscle Contest Report: March 26, 2011

I’m currently at the tail end of my evening workout so I’m blogging from a stationary bike! This past weekend my girlfriend and I attended the NPC Muscle Contest in Culver City. I mainly wanted to see the debut of the new Men’s Physique division, but in general, bodybuilding contests always inspire me. Even at the amateur level, the muscular development of stage contestants and even the spectators are truly awesome.

I’ll break down my thoughts on each division:

Figure: A lot of competitors here. There was no shortage of hard physiques. The judges had their work cut out for them. With the DJ bumping modern tunes, and friends cheering on their friends, it was a fun and motivating division to watch.

*Also held was the IFBB Pro Bikini

Men’s Physique: I applaud all the guys who competed in this division, as they didn’t know what to expect or exactly how to act (and it showed on stage), but the guys looked like they had fun and there was a hint of interesting personalities displayed. Basically the guys come out in board shorts and do quarter turns, showing some personality along with physique, almost like [fitness] model poses. One thing I learned from this division is that it’s impossible to have too big of a smile onstage! When it comes to stage presence, bigger is better.

Bikini: Another big class, even harder to judge because I don’t know exactly what the judges look for (and it seems neither do the contestants). Like the board shorts with the guys, there were a few bright, bold and interesting patterns of bikini, and girls who really “worked it” on stage.  I enjoy the MP and Bikini divisions simply because you can have more “fun” with your quarter turns. It’s expected to be playful and show your personality.

Women’s Bodybuilding: Sadly, Women’s Bodybuilding is a dying breed and this class only had three contestants compared to the horde of figure and bikini girls. However, the clear-cut winner of this class had the most amazing physique of the whole show. The audience erupted in applause as she hit her poses, especially the back-double biceps shot.

Bodybuilding: Sadly, a lot of the audience left during the prejudging of what is the primary muscle contest! Not too many freakish physiques; and the freak factor is what you look for at the local level—I think a lot of guys could have competed lighter and come in more shredded, but you can’t knock guys for not being all the way in shape, as it’s so difficult to diet.

Fitness enthusiasts as a whole don’t like sitting for long periods, but all in all this was a good show. I’m motivated to do a physique contest soon this year, I think the judges are still awarding more massive proportions than I have; but the new division is literally being defined by its contestants (no pun intended there). In other words, the winners of Men’s Physique determine the “look” of Men’s Physique.

Here are the overall winners from the show:

Overall winners

Full gallery:

2011 NPC Muscle Contest Championships


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