Your Environment Influences Your Eating Behavior

Don't cha want it?

Almost nobody in North America eats when they are hungry. We eat because of external cues that have nothing to do with internal drives.

You know what I’m talking about: the sight of food, smell of food, talking about food, and even tasting food can lead to more.

Furthermore, we eat because of the time of day, time of year, holidays, special occasions, funerals, group gatherings, work meetings, family parties, spouses or significant others, roommates, drinking buddies, watching sports, watching a movie, because our mom, aunt, or grandma made it (not to leave out the male chefs), to please a host, because we saw it on TV, geographical location, the weather, special deals, billboards, freebies, county fairs, because it’s new and we have to try it “just this once”, because we’re at a buffet and we like variety, because we don’t like to waste food . . . the list goes on and on.

Yet, people blame the bulge on age and a slow metabolism.


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