Go Nuts

More than just a good source of protein

A common question to the diet conscious is, “Where do you get your protein?” While I think protein is overrated as a nutrient, raw nuts are my favorite source of concentrated protein.

In addition to being rich in protein, raw nuts and seeds are convenient, non-toxic, alkaline forming, and contain essential fats, vitamins, minerals and raw fiber. Best of all, they last long.

You will develop full muscle mass, excellent skin tone, regularity, good dental health, and firm facial tone (lack of wrinkles) due to chewing on raw fiber.

“But aren’t nuts high in calories?”

Yes, and that’s the point. You won’t need much to feel satisfied and they are the perfect food to “hold you over”. In fact, when I was in college going from class to class, I would bring a small container of raw almonds or mixed nuts with me and simply chew on them as needed.

Ideal varieties include raw unsalted almonds, Brazil nuts, hazelnuts, filberts, walnuts, pecans, coconut, chestnut, hickory-nut, and pistachio.

*Peanuts are not nuts but legumes. Cashews are actually the seed of a cashew apple and the ones you find in stores are treated with low heat (as natural raw cashews are inedible) with the skin removed.

The ideal is to obtain them in the shell but there’s nothing wrong with purchasing them with the shell removed. They form an excellent snack to keep around in case you have a craving for “rich” desserts. Nuts are best combined with raw leafy greens.

Tip: chew on one at a time rather than a handful at a time and chew well as nuts are very concentrated.

Raw nut butters, while an improvement over traditional store-bought peanut butters, are not as ideal as the fats begin to oxidize even in the jar. At their best, they are inferior to raw, whole nuts.

Note: some people may be allergic to certain nuts so it is key to check with your doctor or dietician on this matter.


2 responses to “Go Nuts

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  2. I envy you Jason.
    Too bad that nuts, especially cashew nuts, for me, are on the “cannot eat just one” category. I love them too much, used to eat a lot of them as a child.
    Keep up this great blog!
    Marcelo Diez

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