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Exercise of the Day: Iron Mans

This is an exercise I invented, inspired by the Iron Man action figure.

I prefer it to Supermans because the arms-forward position in traditional Supermans is difficult for a lot of people due to a significant lever arm.

Still, Iron Mans help counterbalance the forward-rounded posture that is all too common in modern living.

How To Do Iron Mans:

This exercise is not intended for use by expectant mothers. If you have a physical or medical condition, always consult your doctor or qualified health professional before trying any new exercise. Always play it safe!
  • Use a flat, semi-soft surface.
  • Lie face down, arms at your sides, legs straight.
  • Arch the back, contract the glutes, and lift the legs off the floor –  from hip to toe.
  • Squeeze the shoulders back, and lift the shoulders and arms off the floor.
  • Tilt your head up and continue to breathe. (DON’T hold your breath!)

Iron Man suit not pictured

Start by practicing for a few seconds several times. As you get better, try holding the position a little longer. Eventually you will reach Iron Man status.