Oath to the Cybex Arc Trainer

What if you could re-shape yourself a fantastic body in less time, with less perceived effort, while having fun?

After all, who wants to expend time and energy for minimal results?
Why not get more “bang for your buck”?

Enter the Cybex Arc Trainer. If you belong to a commercial fitness center, consider the Arc Trainer a luxury car among cardio equipment. You won’t find it everywhere, but in my opinion, it is the best of its kind.

Why the Arc Trainer is the best

Since I’m not a paid spokesperson, I’ll let the video do the talking:


One response to “Oath to the Cybex Arc Trainer

  1. Thanks Jason for the wonderful post on the Arc Trainer! We’ve got lots of good Arc programs on our blog. You should check out http://blog.cybexintl.com/?Tag=Arc+Trainer.

    Thanks again for loving the Arc…we do too!
    Yours in health,
    Marybeth Fottler
    Director, Communications
    CYBEX International

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