Being Lean Makes Muscle More Visible

I work out at different gyms and I still run into the male obsession with being “big” (even at the expense of leanness!). Is the goal to be more muscular or is it to just take up as much space as possible?!

Here’s a cosmetic illusion that you can use to your advantage: having low body fat (low enough so that all of your muscles are visually defined) makes you appear more muscular. Even someone with an average amount of muscle mass will appear larger when they’re stripped of their body fat. By larger I mean more muscular, not necessarily more massive. In fact, if you get lean enough, you will find that it’s next to impossible to be “massive” because you will be taking up much less space due to the lack of body fat.

Creating this illusion involves both high muscle mass, and low body fat; but the real key is low body fat. No matter how big your muscles are, they will “pop” when you get lean enough. Massive muscles just make this illusion more pronounced. And I’m certain you will get more comments on your muscularity at this point whether you seek it or not.

Take home points:

Guys – don’t be afraid of getting smaller (actually seek it) on the way to getting leaner. Once the muscles become more visible, they will “jump” at you and be more impressive-looking no matter what your size.

Gals – don’t be afraid of adding muscle mass. It’s not an easy feat and as we showed, it helps visually transform your shape! Go after the fat mass instead if you have the goal of being tighter.


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