A Trick For Dealing With Hunger Pangs

One of the biggest deterrents to reaching your ideal weight is dealing with hunger pangs on an almost consistent basis. You know those moments: when life will not continue until you grab a bite, and all thoughts become possible menu items. In fact, the sensation of hunger is the #1 reason that even most dedicated dieters never reach their ideal body composition.

I’ve found a trick to deal with these tough moments: exercise.

Why this works:

When you exercise, you are voluntarily using your muscles and putting pressure on your body to burn fat. Specifically, fatty acids get released from fat cells into the blood stream, “feeding” your hungry cells. So, instead of nourishing your body with food, you’re using stored fat. The beauty of all this is that your fat cells shrink, and you lose pounds and inches.

You don’t need to be in a gym or have exercise equipment to do this, either. Go for a fast walk, walk up and down the stairs, do pushups against a table, do squats in a bathroom stall, do something. The important thing is to be constantly moving so that you’re body “clicks into a gliding pace” and you know your bloodstream is flooded with fatty acids.

If more people did this, almost everyone would lose weight.


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