Why Do You Eat?

The physiological drive to eat is hard enough to deal with when trying to lose weight; it’s when social and emotional factors come in to play that you realize the world is working against your desire to be lean.

Some people actually eat less or not at all in response to stress or being with others; then there are countless others who really shovel in the calories in response to such situations (I happen to be one of these individuals).

It’s kind of  a sad commentary on society that unrelated factors drive us to eat, despite having above adequate calorie-containing fat stored on our body (and some even suffer health effects because of it). It’s not enough to keep others company; you’re not “part of the group” if you’re not pigging out.

I don’t have a solution to this problem; having an above-average physical build and health profile comes with major sacrifices and side-effects. And oftentimes jealous, envious or otherwise ignorant minds will try to sabotage your efforts; while doing nothing about theirs.

My only suggestion is to be a positive role model. Oftentimes the architecture precedes the wisdom it contains. In this case, the architecture is your physical appearance. When you look like someone who knows what you’re doing, others will want to know what they can do to be like you.


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