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Fruits Are Superior

When determining if fruits are superior to grains (refined or whole) ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you put bread in a juicer?
  • Are vitamin supplements made from popcorn?
  • Does pasta grow on trees?
  • Do you eat Spaghetti without the sauce?
  • Why do pancakes need syrup?
  • Why is there flavored oatmeal?
  • Why isn’t there Rye scented lotion?
  • Why does jam go on bread?
  • Why do we crave dessert after a meal?
  • Why aren’t there brown rice-flavored sports drinks?
  • After a long hike in the dessert, would you rather have juicy fruit or toasted bread?

We have a sweet tooth for a reason. Eat fruit!

*If you’re going to eat fruit with other foods, make sure to eat the fruit first. Fruits digest faster and will ferment instead of digest if eaten on top of other foods. Fruit as “dessert” is a sure cause of gas. It’s not a fault of the fruit, but a fault of the consumer.


Six Fat-Fighting Foods

Here are six great foods you can add to any dish to keep you lean:

1. Iceberg Lettuce

Oh yes, people give me flack for eating iceberg lettuce. “Isn’t it all water?” they say. If it was “all water”, don’t you think fast food joints would cut costs by pouring water on their hamburgers and tacos instead of using shredded lettuce? Get real! Iceberg is a very underrated food, good source of fiber, minerals, and yes, a large proportion of water. Guess what else is mostly water? (Planet earth, the human body…). Here we have the perfect foundation of any true salad.

2. Celery

My favorite crunchy, salty snack! Naturally rich in sodium, this is any dieter’s friend. It’s always a good idea to have strips of celery hearts available in the fridge and even for those “stressful” moments at work where you feel like munching on something. Only these won’t leave you feeling fat and regretful like…a bag of chips? My favorite is organic, and if you haven’t tried it, you may never go back…

3.  Tomato

Sure, we’re all used to cooked tomatoes used in mom’s homemade soups or Italian-style Spaghetti, but raw tomatoes are a delicious, juicy treat and the perfect adjunct to any salad. Use any kind you like: Roma, cherry/grape, or regular. I personally don’t eat too many at once because of the high acid content, but when eaten uncooked, it doesn’t take much to satisfy.

4. Cucumber

Bulky, delicious and hydrating, what more can you ask for? How about the fact that it’s high in potassium and low in calories? Persian cucumbers are great! I prefer to eat mine straight through, with the peel, and without slicing, as cutting too much releases moisture and nutrient value into the air.

5. Bell Peppers

Probably the sweetest of the non-sweet fruits I eat, bell peppers are just too good to pass up. I recommend the red, yellow, and orange varieties (green bells are not fully ripened).

6. Romaine Lettuce

Organic is preferred, but both are good. If you allow yourself to return to subtle taste buds (by avoiding years of digestive abuse through overeating, spices, and condiments), Romaine is surprisingly sweet at the bite, and everything tastes good when you’re truly hungry.