Load Up On Vegetables

For anyone who likes to prepare food, a simple and effective tool for filling yourself up with food without going overboard on calories is to load up on vegetables. I can gain up to 3 pounds after a typical veggie-loaded meal, but not to worry, you will wake up leaner the next morning since the caloric density is very low.

When I say vegetables, I am mostly referring to the non-starchy kind, particularly the green leafy vegetables: lettuces, celery, spinach, arugula, etc. Cucumber, tomatoes, and bell peppers are botanically fruits but because they are not as sweet as other fruits they can be considered vegetables.

Next time you eat a sandwich, for example, fill it with spinach, sprouts or lettuce. Your hard body will thank you.


One response to “Load Up On Vegetables

  1. Great article. I have over 25 lbs of raw food weight loss with no fear of it returning. Most of my food is fruits and vegetables!

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