Mental Roadblocks for Men and Women

What I’m about to reveal to you may be shocking. In fact, if more people knew this, you’d see WAY better bodies in your gym. And let’s be honest, 90-95% of the people working out do so to look better.

However, there is a major mental distortion that keep people from being at their best:

For women, it’s:
“I want to be toned but I don’t want to bulk up.”

And for men, it’s:
“I want to see some definition, but I don’t want to lose size.”

Allow me to give both genders a reality check:

Women – the limiting factor in the muscle size you can build is Testosterone. Unless you are on massive doses of steroids, you have MAGNITUDES less Testosterone than guys. It’s what makes men, men. Think about how many dudes work their asses to the ground their whole lives trying to build muscle, and are barely able to do so. You really think you’re going to become a professional bodybuilder by putting too much weight on the pec-deck machine? I think this distortion may come from seeing females who are on steroids. And I assure you, ANY professional female athlete who gets attention from the media is likely on steroids. It’s the truth. You’re more likely to gain too much “bulk” by one too many trips to the Frozen Yogurt place than by lifting too much weight. If you want to half-ass it in the gym, at least say it’s because you want to take it easy; but stop pretending that massive muscles happen by accident.  Muscle gives shape, so the more you maximize your genetic potential for muscle (which has a limit, outside of drugs) the better shape you’ll have. It’s as simple as that.

Men – you’re going to be a lot smaller in size when you’re at the leanness you want. Fat has mass, and everyone wants a six-pack but no one wants to weigh under 180 or 190.

Most would agree that Brad Pitt looked his best in Fight Club. At a height of 6 feet, I can assure you that he was no more than 155 pounds for that role. Shortly after came the movie Snatch, where he still looked pretty good, but is probably 5-10 pounds heavier and not as impressive-looking due to the smoothed out appearance.

Men: don’t be afraid of being lighter.

Women: don’t be afraid to build muscle.

If everyone would do this, you’d see a lot better bodies at the gym, at the beach, or just walking around.

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