What You’re NOT Doing = Your Results

Your level of leanness has less to do with what diet or exercise program you’ve been following, and more to do with what situations you consciously avoid.

Body shape is a weird thing in that it’s the lack of body fat that determines your shape. But America has an obsession with fixing more with more. Too much body fat? Fix it with more drugs, more surgery, more workout videos, more diet products. Sadly, this leaves people frustrated after investing so much time, money, and health to something that’s supposed to make your life better. To get anywhere with your body composition, you need to avoid putting the fat on in the first place.

It’s not about being macrobiotic, raw vegan, low-carb or following a special workout.

It’s about passing up the leftover pizza or pastries at the office, walking past the candy isle at the store, not stuffing yourself at a party, going to a regular lunch instead of a buffet (or better yet, eating from home), drinking more water than beer.. or going to the gym instead of the bar, the list goes on.

You can live however you want. But don’t lie to yourself and think you can take a magic supplement, exercise the excess weight away or “start your diet tomorrow” to get to the body shape you want. If you think it’s possible, do it.

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