Eating While Driving

I cover a large area for work, so I’m on the road a lot, and I ALWAYS see people eating while driving. Usually it’s pastries or a fast food sandwich. Other than being as dangerous as texting or talking on the phone while driving (hands free or not), I do not recommend this. I’m not saying that calories are more fattening when eaten behind the wheel (although the distraction could cause you to eat more unconsciously); but I, for one, would rather enjoy my food completely.

Eating is one of our basic pleasures, and I believe that we should enjoy every moment of it, through all 5 senses. This eliminates things like eating while watching TV, reading, or staring at a computer screen. Limit yourself to good companions and light conversation (although avoid talking while chewing – it hinders salivary digestion).

I know our lives are on-the-go, and you may get few opportunities in the day to eat, but why not focus completely on something, burn some fat, and wait until you can actually enjoy a meal? It’s not only a better experience but will actually enhance the nutritive process.

Moral of the story: whether you’re eating a cantaloupe or a candy bar, take your time, savor every bite, and enjoy it completely!


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